DJing around New York City as a hobby that paid the bills was alright for Alex Pall-but it was the preforming that he was really passionate about. With an opening in his band The Chainsmokers, Pall’s manager arranged a meeting with artist Andrew Taggert, a fellow DJ from Maine.

The duo immediately hit it off. Both initially knew what they brought to the table: Vision, talent and motivation. Endless hours working together and constant communication about growing up, music, what works and what doesn’t is what has helped shape their current identity. They don’t want to settle and continue to push themselves harder and harder to become better musicians and to create a sound that is all their own.

When questioned regarding singing about their own lives, Pall replies “Well, why not”. That’s what keeps their music unique and real. With incredible drive and ambition, they created their original sound by incorporating their own life into their music. Whether working with outside writers or writing their own music they remain intimately involved so it’s “always different but it’s always us” relates Pall.

It takes long hours and a lot of discussion to create an album concept and that’s what Alex and Drew are dedicated to producing. With common core values and a shared vision, they found success with singles “Roses” and “Don’t Let Me Down” but wanted to step it up with their new single “Closer”, so they collaborated with Halsey whom Pall stated is a very cool and unique artist with a strong voice.

Social media keeps the duo in touch with their audience which is ever changing. Pall states that they make the music for themselves but are excited that everyone else is enjoying it as well. Pall and Taggert will continue to create music and hope their audience will continue to find an emotional connection.