Betsy DeVos the Philanthropist and Reformer Nonpareil For Over Three Decades

If you were to point out a person who has been the most committed philanthropist and die-hard reformer for a large part of their life, it undoubtedly has to be Betsy DeVos. For more than thirty years t she has been at the forefront of activity. This has included multiple campaigns, political organizations and political action committees. Not just that-she has had the privilege of being the Chairperson of the Republican Party in Michigan for a number of years.

It is of course in education that DeVos has rendered the greatest service to that nation. It is her firm belief that the publicly funded private choice program has been a great success in many states. More and more people are now aware that public schools may not be the best choice available to students. DeVos should know since, in the 1990s, she was a board member of two national charities, Children First America and American Education Reform Council. In Michigan she was responsible for founding political action committee, the Great Lakes Education Project that has been dedicated to promoting educational reform by increasing the number of charter schools.

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DeVos feels that the biggest success in carrying out educational reform must be in the state of Florida, where the tax credit scholarship program has led to that US’s longest period of a diverse educational choice. She is also particularly enthused by the states of Indiana and Louisiana who have introduced programs that have the potential of positively touching upon the lives of millions of students.

About digital learning, Betsy DeVos felt that it was early days yet but sees great potential in the times ahead. She is okay with homeschooling too, to the extent that it enables parents to have more control of their children’s education. Similarly, she feels that charter schools too have an important role to play.

Betsy DeVos is now, of course, the 11th U.S. secretary of education which puts her in a position of power to use all her expertise and experience to bear fruit for the education industry. She is now required to work with in consultation with the current president in providing equal opportunity for the best possible education for all. It is DeVos’s firm and long held belief that the postal code or the household income of a child should have no bearing whatsoever on the quality of education he or she should have access to. Read her interview with Philanthropy Table

As secretary of education, she is going to press for handing greater control over education to local entities enabling parents to be more in control of the kind of educational settings they want for their children. DeVos herself is an alumna of Calvin College in Michigan from where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree. Her husband entrepreneur Dick DeVelos is a well known philanthropist in his own right.