Technology is omnipresent. Most of us have smartphones attached to our hands like a fifth limb we can’t disconnect from. We also see technology developments in the prevention of crime. Whether it be real world reports or on our favorite crime dramas, the advancement of technology has been huge for preventing crimes and catching criminals. […]

Safety is a big issue across the nation and also in the world. Many people are turning towards Securus Technologies to see what they are doing with their latest technologies for helping to keep everyone safer. The company works diligently to create new ways on a steady basis to help with the correctional facilities, and […]

I am so happy that Securus Technologies has their program where my son is doing time. Everything I sent him was taken from his cell. It seems that he would sign for it, but a few days later, the items would disappear from his cell. I reported the incident more than once to the authorities. […]

The Securus platform is very supportive of inmates seeing their loved ones during the holidays. They have come up with different options for people to be able to do things that are different during Christmas. This is something that has changed the way that things are done and has given more families the chance to […]