Equities First Holdings’ Expansion Strategy

Established in 2012, Equities First Holdings is an advisory company that provides financial solutions to clients. It is the one of the top global shareholder finance. Previously, the company was known as Meridian Equity Partners Ltd. The company also provides shareholder financing services and margin loans to enable their clients to meet their personal and financial goals. It has partnered with several other international law firms, investment banks and some of the largest custodian banks in the world. During its transformation which caused its change of name, the company solicited the help of with Lawyer Morgan Lewis.

The president of Equities First Holdings disclosed that the acquisition enabled the consolidation and growth of the firm. Though the company’s headquarters are in London, it also added other five offices in Australia, the US, Asia and Europe. Equities First Holdings has continued to expand into the US, Australia, and China to serve its expanding client population. In the US alone, the group got nine functional branches. In fact, some of these recently opened subsidiary offices have become successful and are even operating independently and Equities First Holding’s lacrosse camp.

Equities First Holdings operates under an investment model which puts the natural cycles in the market into consideration. This has significantly contributed to the company’s growth and expansion. Since 2012, the company has managed to make over 700 transactions all which are non-recourse. The company’s activities are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority of the UK. Equities First Holdings is run by a team of five directors and does not have any company secretary and more information click here.

In March 2014, Equities First Holdings entered into a loan contract with the chief executive of Paysafe Group PLC, Joel Leonoff. Mr. Joel paid the loan in full and on May 2, 2017, a press release disclosed that Equities had returned all shares used as security for the loan to Paysafe. Equities First Holdings was in possession of 1.5 million shares each worth 0.01 for three years as the collateral. Having made the full repayment, Leonoff is entitled to 9,768,580 ordinary shares including the 1.5 million reimbursed to him as per the agreement. Therefore, Leonoff is entitled to about 2.02% of the issued share capital of Equities First Holdings.

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