How Securus Technologies Keeps Our Prisons Safe

Technology is omnipresent. Most of us have smartphones attached to our hands like a fifth limb we can’t disconnect from. We also see technology developments in the prevention of crime. Whether it be real world reports or on our favorite crime dramas, the advancement of technology has been huge for preventing crimes and catching criminals.


I came upon an interesting article in PR Newswire discussing how Securus Technologies was using its technology solutions to prevent crimes, not just on the streets, but inside of prison walls. I found this very intriguing, as I assumed inmates had little to no contact with technology unsupervised. But I was surprised to see the real world situations where the technology was used to prevent either crimes that had already occurred or crimes that could have occurred without the technology implemented by Securus Technology.


Real clients wrote in their testimonials and they were featured in the article. Here are some I found most interesting:

-One department was able to recover a million dollars in illicit cash and drugs.

-By monitoring phone calls a prison was able to get a search warrant for an employee they had expected of corruption. This employee was later arrested as he was bringing in contraband and distributing to the inmates.

-Monitored calls came in and correctional officers were able to discover that there was inmates selling drugs, drinking and selling alcohol, contraband cell phones and even a civilian admitted in a monitored call that he sold prescription drugs.

-Reporting data from Securus Technologies enabled one facility to not only stop crimes as they happened but to be more proactive about finding potential crimes before they happen.

-One facility spoke very highly about how innovative Securus Technologies were. They mentioned that the technology was always on the cutting edge of whatever development was affecting the safety of the correctional facility.