Lung Institute Offers Innovative Lung Stem Cell Therapy

If you are suffering from a lung disorder, like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, pulmonary fibrosis or any other lung disorder, you may find relief with lung stem cell therapy from the Lung Institute. The treatment involves removing some of your own stem cells either from your blood or your bone marrow. When the stem cells have been removed, they are put back into your body through an IV.

The cells go directly to the right side of your heart where they are quickly transferred to your lungs. Unlike other substances given intravenously, stem cells are trapped in the lungs. They do not travel to other parts of the body. While in the lungs, they begin to heal damaged lungs and help improve the lung functioning. Stem cells are the main substance used for healing.

The Lung Institute has treated over 3000 patients with lung disorders, since they opened in 2013. Seventy percent of those treated with the therapy have reported an increase in the quality of their lives, due to easier breathing.

All the treatments done at the Lung Institute involve using the patient’s own stem cells to avoid rejection. This makes them a lot safer. The treatment process is ( minimally invasive. They only require three outpatient visits. Stem cell therapies are being used more and more in the United States. Research is done mainly at biotechnology companies and the U.S, government agencies.

According to, currently, the Lung Institute is the major provider of stem cell therapy for lung diseases in the country. It has been reported by the Institute that 94.5 percent of COPD patients had a noticeable improvement in their conditions. They currently operate clinics in Tampa, Nashville, Scottsdale, Pittsburgh and Dallas. Their website and YouTube channel provides a lot of helpful information about the various therapies they offer.