Philadelphia Challenges Employers With Questions About Salary

Karl Heideck
Karl Heideck

For years, employers have been able to ask people about the money that they made at a previous job. This is something that is embarrassing for potential employees and can actually infringe on their privacy because of the issues that come along with it. While employees have been nervous about the issues for just as long, 2017 is the first year in which anyone is doing anything about it. Now, people who have jobs in Philadelphia are no longer able to ask people what they made at a previous job.

Karl Heideck helped to make this law go into place and he has been supportive of it from day one. He knows that employers are now going to risk a huge fine if they ask this. Along with the fine that they will get, there is a chance that they could be sued by the person who is submitting the application.


Karl Heideck is an attorney who works in Philadelphia cases. He mainly works in litigation but he has done other types of suits in the past because he knows what he is good at. One thing that he always tries to do is look out for people who are unable to look out for themselves in the situations that they are in. It is something that has made him want to make things better and something that has changed the way that he is able to do different things depending on the options that he has with the case.

While Karl Heideck is doing all of this, he knows that he will need to continue to help people with the issues that they have. He plans on making things better for all of the people who he represents and he tries to stand up for those people. Karl Heideck knows a lot about law and he is not afraid to speak out. In fact, he recently wrote an article praising Philadelphia for the work that they did on the different fronts that they were a part of. He wanted people to know that he supported it and that he had been a major factor in that law.

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