Release of PodcastOne Results by Chairman, Norman J. Pattiz

The Executive Chairman of PodcastOne, Norman Pattiz has been at the helm of the company since June 2016. Before, he served as the Chief Executive Officer. He owns a company called Westwood One Incorporation founded in 1974, and he was the CEO of the enterprise. He has also served as the President of Broadcast Education Association. Norman is a board member of several organizations in 5 different industrial companies.

The results of 5 main national consumer brands with five different products and services in their categories were recently released. And the conclusion that came out of the release is that podcast advertising made a great impact on marketing and promotion of products especially brand recall that involves urge of purchasing and recall of specific messaging.

After the keen scrutiny of results, there were some lessons picked from the study. More than 60% of listeners mentioned a particular grocery brand, and that was an increase from 7%. Unaided product awareness rose too unlike other studies that were carried out before.

One-third of the respondents had a good view on automobile aftermath product that increased from 18%. An average of 22% was of the opinion that they could use a lawn and garden product which was an increase of awareness of the particular campaign message for an automobile aftermath product. A casual dining rose by 76%. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

Research that was done by Edison Research in 2016 for PodcastOne, 3 in number, had an objective of looking at how effective a podcast advert was. Some brands were known, but their new arrival products had not been disclosed. New brands wanted to penetrate the market and be publicized. When the survey was done before the adverts in the podcast, the results were little.

The products were then advertised for 4-6 weeks as podcast campaigns. The results after the six weeks showed that audiences had a positive reception to the brand messages that did show an increased consideration and willingness to buy the products from the brands.

Norman Pattiz said that he had wanted to see how the podcast advertisement affected the marketing of brands. He wanted to see if it had an increase or a decrease of the brand’s demand. After the adverts had been run and researched, results showed that there were significant impacts on the measures. We can now confidently say that there was an increase in demand for brands after the podcast adverts were run. It is an excellent means of advertising.

Pattiz was a close confidant of Bill Clinton, and he was the on the Broadcasting Board of Governors of USA. He was given the Giant of Broadcasting Award from Library of American Broadcasting.