Rick Shinto and InnovaCare Health – Make It Happen

The physician practice services, known as MSO of Puerto Rico, LLC., have greatly improved the health and wellbeing of all Puerto Rican citizens through InnovaCare health. This company retains its goals in creating lasting partnerships that are in high demand both financially and professionally. It notes that its success lies in committed service to develop and implement key solutions for benefiting clients and patients everywhere. In addition, InnovaCare’s President, Rick Shinto – along with numerous other Medicaid Hazard and MMM multi-health servicemen within the company – has respectfully earned the Northeast and Southeast awards for complying with the strictest quality standards as required by federal regulations and the local Commonwealth.

InnovaCare’s GHP beneficiaries, max specialists, laboratories, x-ray centers and other providers within any preferred network, have also been recognized with multiple awards. This is all thanks to InnovaCare’s proprietary solutions in technological innovation that offer complete clinical records for each patient’s health condition, allergy, medication and treatment solution in turn. Many of InnovaCare Health’s executives have likewise been interviewed by reputable sources and praised for their achievements. For instance, Penelope Kokkinides was recently interviewed by Ideamensch, to whom she offered many solutions and personal experiences from her time, thus far, working within the modern healthcare field. Shinto and InnovaCare Health Solutions also work heavily with population health management through full-set offerings, large-scale solutions, physician practices and numerous insurance payers to offer a sustained populational health model that is both cost-effective and fully integrates with modern technology. Learn more about Innovacare at Businesswire.

As today’s healthcare industry shifts more to value-based systems, InnovaCare works collaboratively across numerous stakeholders to ensure that all partner contracts, data measures and other incentives work together to achieve quality, cost-effective utilized performance market demands all at the same time. InnovaCare Health also works with the Fundacion Dorada, which supports the basic hygiene and safety of elderly citizens to improve their quality of life. This small operation was founded by MMM healthcare employees back in 2004, a nonprofit organization that provided sensitivity training and TLC to underserved aging citizens in Puerto Rico. InnovaCare also partners with Vita Care, which offers one-stop treatments for members who seek to improve and control chronic conditions through personal attention and coordinated efforts; these healthcare professionals offer patients quality education and treatment to improve their health conditions. Last but certainly not least, InnovaCare work side-by-side with Caribbean Accountable Care LLC., which was chosen as a top shared savings program. Contact details available at Manta.com.