Roberto Santiago Mall: Inside Brazil’s Best Mall to Get All-Round Family Fun and Entertainment

The Roberto Santiago Shopping Mall is fast approaching its third decade operating in the coastal Brazilian seaside town of Paraiba. The exact location of the second biggest mall in the nation is in the Manaira location inside Joao Pessoa. In the 30 years, the mall has completely transformed and revolutionized the lives of the locals and the community in general. The mall was the ingenious brainchild project of a native of this lands called Roberto Santiago. Santiago is best defined as one of those brilliant individuals who knows how to work their way up the wealth and success ladder in an almost effortless way. Read more on

3D Movies and Games

The concept of Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall and all the hype these locations now get associated with was a relatively foreign thing to most of the world, not just the Brazilians in Manaira, Joao Pessoa. Therefore, when the visionary entrepreneur in Roberto Santiago embarked on a multi-million dollar project to erect a mall at the town, everyone was left wondering. Little, did the masses know that in a couple of year time the mall would have entirely changed the way they shop and live. The weekends would now get spent on the various movie halls present at the Santiago Mall. As a matter of fact, most of the residents often start flocking the mall as from around 1 P.M in the afternoon on Saturdays. Some don’t even get to live well until the wee hours of the following day, all thanks to the endless array of nightclubs open within the secure vicinity of the mall.

Ample Parking and Top Security

According to unofficial reports shared on Wikipedia, every year, this mall witnesses traffic of 15 million people and as you can imagine, the mall must be one heck of a vast complex. Check out its exact dimensions here_. The parking at the mall has the built-in capacity to support up to 20 thousand cars at the same time. The security at the parking premises within the mall have never been reported as having any issues with people losing their valuable possessions whilst the shop.

Domus Hall

From the word go, Mr. Santiago always had a unique plan to bring in the customers. His grand master plan hinged upon providing state-of-the-world fun and entertainment for the entire family visiting his mall. Inside this behemoth structure there happens to be the Domus Hall. This is a special indoor arena which has the capacity of holding a maximum number of 10K people whilst standing. This indoor stadia has played host to a great number of both sensational local artists and international performing artists from all over the world. Asides, there’s all kinds of food and drink’s joints you could think of inside the grounds of the Santiago mall. Read more on