Securus Technologies Used to Catch A Thief

I am so happy that Securus Technologies has their program where my son is doing time. Everything I sent him was taken from his cell. It seems that he would sign for it, but a few days later, the items would disappear from his cell. I reported the incident more than once to the authorities. My son informed me that he also made out reports of his stolen items. The last time I talked to my son, he told me he had a new cellmate. I was curious to know if this was the person stealing all of the things I sent to him. He told he it wasn’t his former cellmate. But he was indirectly involved. That is why he was switched out. All of the information need was gathered by Securus Technologies. Because they are able to monitor phone calls, the real culprit was identified. And he was transferred to an entirely different cellblock. All of the parties involved were shifted away from my son. We weren’t given any details from Securus Technologies. We were just told the results of the investigation. I am confident at this point that what I send my son will not be taken from his cell any longer. I feel that my son is relieved also. He was watching his back all the time. He did know know just who he could trust. But because of the program of Securus Technologies, my son can sleep better at night. And I feel better as well. I just wanted to thank you Securus Technologies. Your monitoring of the inmates is proving to be something that is beneficial on both sides. To Securus Technologies and all who helped keep this program in the prison, I thank you. May God bless you and keep you always is my prayer.