The EDM duo The Chainsmokers recently came out with a new album this spring that has been taking over the electronic and dance music charts. Memories… Do Not Open is perhaps darker in tone than most of the other albums the Chainsmokers have released in the past. The album has collabs with Coldplay and a few other well known singers. The Coldplay lead singer confirmed the collab and the Chainsmokers announced they were releasing Memories… Do Not Open.


The album Memories… Do Not Open debuted at number one on the billboard dance and electronic chart. The album also was on the billboard top 200 chart for a fair amount of time upon its release time frame. It didn’t stay as long on the billboard 200 chart, but it has stayed on the electronic/dance music chart top five since the debut. The album had a string of hits that went onto the top 40 radio channel.


The Chainsmokers ruled the billboard charts with their Memories… Do Not Open release. A few other electronic artists did knock them down a step or two on the billboard chart. Above and Beyond, Calvin Harris, Odesza, William Control, Kygo, and Avicii took over the charts a few times to compete with the Chainsmokers. Avicii took over the EDM charts for a while following his sudden death this year.


The album is sure to be a memorable EDM work for years to come. It’s perhaps one of the best works from the Chainsmokers based on chart and audience appeal to it. The album is a unique blend of commercial work with a lot of personality from the Chainsmokers written and worked into the music. This is a unique feature for an EDM album too, making the album a bit more one of a kind in the genre.