The Effect On Future Of Advertising

Not too long ago, and indeed still today, video e-mail marketing was being touted as the next big think in internet marketing. PodcastOne wants to take that strategy and turn it on its ear and, by all accounts, they are doing just that. While a podcast is not visual by its own design, this has not deterred the owners and staff at PodcastOne in making a marketing venue for businesses.

Their list of accomplishments, recommendations, and areas of expertise is very impressive. According to Crunchbase, Norman Pattiz, the man behind it all, has been in broadcasting in one way or another most of his adult life, so he has a very experienced understanding of what it takes to make PodcastOne a success.

Norman Pattiz also understands what it takes to take this venue of marketing into the future while staying ahead of the competition. This is called starting a trend, which is something many people would say he already did when he was in charge of Westwood One. He seems to have taken the formula he applied to bringing music to a more widespread audience by broadcasting concerts, and crossed it over into business marketing.

The recent studies that he employed Edison Research to do in order to gain a better understanding of brand recognition was a visionary move. It helped his own company and podcasters alike understand where they need to go in regards to how to market what they sell. It isn’t enough simply to know the demographic of your audience, but you also need to know what they are more inclined or less inclined to buy.

This tactic may already be used, but it was never matched to podcasting until just recently, with help from the results that Edison Research came up with. This marriage will be sure to go a long way in helping podcasters with brand recognition and awareness, which should ultimately lead to higher conversion rates for them.

And what business does not want that? Indeed, Edison Research and Norman Pattiz have recently raised the advertising bar with the detail that they have allowed themselves to go into with that research.