The Origin of Kabbalah Centre

Rav Yehuda Ashlag started Kabbalah Centre in 1922. He is regarded as the first master kabbalist who modernized and made Kabbalah accessible. He was succeeded by Rav Yehuda TzviBrandwein who was succeeded by Rav Berg. Initially, the knowledge was passed down orally to given people from Adam to Abraham to Moses. Also, it was only given to elite married men who were aged above 40 years and scholars of Jewish law.

About Kabbalah

The main aim of Kabbalah has been acquiring the hidden knowledge of God. In most cases, it is defined as the secret wisdom. It provides a practical approach to the creation of joy and permanent fulfillment. This teaching changes the way one looks at the world. Kabbalah is taught as a process of making a better life and the world.

Jewish men in below forty years were dissuaded from studying Kabbalah on their own. Written materials were inaccessible due to scarcity and cost of producing new ones was high. However, some Kabbalists thought Kabbalah should be made accessible to more people. Others shared the knowledge with non-Jewish. Women, children and uneducated men were never considered for Kabbalah.

Unsupervised accessibility of Kabbalah writings was prohibited in the 18th by rabbis and kabbalists. With the invention of printing, these Jewish mystical writings were kept in handwritten form to limit accessibility. Some Kabbalistic texts were intentionally cryptic and coded so that only knowledgeable kabbalistic could understand the content.

Kabbalah today

The Kabbalah principles emphasize on sharing. In this spirit, Kabbalah Centre has a volunteer program where students partake in Charitable Initiatives. They use a mentoring program to share Kabbalah’s wisdom and knowledge.

The importance of Spiritual Community is well manifested at the Centre. Various weekly and monthly events are organized. They offer students an opportunity to take part in the presentation, meditation, and meal sharing. There is also an internet platform which one can use to connect to the other students online.

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