Yanni Hufnagel Leaves Harvard After Win

Yanni Hufnagel is a 35-year assistant coach who has extensive experience and education. He was born in New York City, NY and has been to some of the best schools around. Including his college training at Cornell University. He played basketball for the New Jersey Nets before attending Oklahoma University. He was an assistant coach the Sooners and helped develop some players there. He has been a coach for several years and continues to seek success within the basketball area and other sports. He is known for his great recruiter skills and scouting abilities.


Most recently, he was an assistant coach for Harvard University and helped bring them to a win in the March Madness marathon. Now he is ready to go forward on to another team. Having achieved the ultimate goal for himself and team.


Vanderbilt University is waiting for his arrival to coach their team. It was a tough decision to make but the team was okay with it and want the best for all. He says he has always been around excellent coaches and worked well with everyone. Helping to develop some players there as well. He was credited with helping them get the 29th ranked 2014 recruiting class by ESPN.


When asked what he looks for in a player he answered: there are three things I look for in a player, One: I ask if they are a winner. Two: I ask them if they are coachable. and Thirdly, I ask if they are someone I would like to be around. Recruiting is an easy job for him and he makes it look easy too. Whether he is interviewing on the phone or in person the conversation is the best part of the recruitment process. Getting a feel for the player and what the vision is they have is the key to finding a winner.